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Dilapidations -
    ‘The identification of the repair liability of the landlord or the tenant of the leasehold property.’


Paxton Brown is a professional practice of Chartered Building Surveyors, regulated by the RICS, with expertise in dilapidations and historic property. We are able to answer queries or provide initial advice without charge.

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If you have a question related to our areas of expertise we would be happy to hear from you. We are approachable, prompt and above all experts in our field. To contact us click here or call on the number above.


Do you own and lease a commercial property?
Is the property near to the end of its lease?
Are you worried that the failure to repair maybe harming the value of the building?
Would you like to return the building to the rental market as quick as possible?

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Dilapidations - Help!
Have you been served with a claim?
Are you in the last year of a lease or want to exercise a break clause?
Are you about to enter into a lease?
Expert advice at any of these points could save you thousands!

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