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Dilapidations -
    ‘The identification of the repair liability of the landlord or the tenant of the leasehold property.’


Leases on commercial buildings often contain clauses that impose repair liabilities on the tenant. The wording of the lease and the liability that may arise as a result are of particular importance near the end of a lease when a tenant may be served with a dilapidations schedule. The damages that can be claimed by the landlord as a result of the contents of a dilapidations schedule can be onerous and expensive. In some cases the repair liability at the end may exceed the cost of the rent over the entire term of the lease!

Save yourself money!

It is necessary that any tenant who has repair responsibilities under the lease looks at these before the end of the lease to avoid excessive dilapidation claims. It is also essential that if facing a claim a tenant obtains expert professional advice. This is essential to reduce the liability to its minimum and to avoid unnecessary expenditure of what could easily amount to tens of thousands.

We have the expertise and experience to assist you identify the liabilities ahead of a claim and can ensure the best representation to negotiate the claim down to a reasonable level.

Stay a step ahead.

Be proactive-let us look at your lease to provide a free initial assessment of your repair obligations. It costs nothing and will allow us to provide you with initial advice to reduce your future liabilities and costs.

We can organise, plan and manage repair works to avoid disruption to your business and ensure your liabilities are met.

Contact us if you would like free initial advice on a particular dilapidation problem.

We recommend the following – We can help!

  1. Ensure a schedule of condition is taken at the commencement of the lease. This reduces uncertainty over repairing obligations and therefore risk!
  2. Always review the lease terms prior to giving notice to quit or at least 9 months before the end of the term.
  3. Obtain expert advice if you have received a dilapidations schedule and 146 notice. It could save you thousands!

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