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Dilapidations -
    ‘The identification of the repair liability of the landlord or the tenant of the leasehold property.’


Where a landlord grants a lease containing repair obligations to a tenant, the correct, expert, measured assessment of repair liabilities is crucial to financial management of the building. This can be important at a number of stages of the lease but most commonly arises at the end of a lease.

Maximise your return on investment.

We are experts at identifying building defects and providing clear unambiguous professional advice on the statutory, common law and contract remedies available to the landlord. We provide a professional and prompt service ensuring that accurately quantified damages are sought reducing any voids to allow the building to return to the rental market.

Typically it is the Landlord who must specify and define the extent of the breach and must be able to offer some evidence to support this. We use the most up to date diagnostic techniques and materials testing to ensure that the full extent of any breach of repairing obligation can be understood and quantified.

Carrying out repairs following service of a schedule can be the best defence to a s18 counterclaim. We can help specify and organise timely and well managed repairs. There are also circumstances where repairs may be enforceable within the term of the lease. We can advise.

If you have a building nearing the end of its lease contact us to discuss the options available. Our initial advice is provided free of charge and the service we provide will ensure the return on your investment is maximised.

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